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Social Bureau

Social Bureau of the Red Cross “Navigator”:
Irkutsk, 9, 2-aya Zheleznodorozhnaya str.
Telephone of the Hot Line :  43-67-57

Services rendering by mobile tent:
Exchange of medical equipment. Exchange and providing with sterile medical equipment to injectors including sex business workers.
Providing with prevention material. Providing with prevention material (preservatives, lubricants, hygienic paper towels, hygienic means) women, involved in sex business.
Counseling on health preservation. Counseling on themes: Harm reduce of injection drugs usage, HIV-infection, ART, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis, tuberculosis, need of screening, drug adictors rehabilitation, information on projects’ work “Harm reduce” and “Social Bureau”.
Referrals to medical institutions. Referrals to screening on HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, detoxication (injectors).

Services, provided by social bureau “Navigator”
Counseling assistance. Counseling on questions of HIV/AIDS, drug usage, referral for counseling assistance (lawyer, psychologist, peer counselor, addiction specialist, infectionist, gynecologist, STD doctor, phtisiologist).
Rendering information materials on questions of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases. Group counseling and trainings on questions of health preservation for injectors and women, involved in sex business.
Social assistance (assistance in work searching, employment, assistance in registering for documents, following up in medical institutions, rendering services in stationary).
Medical assistance (referring to testing on HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, detoxication and rehabilitation of injectors).

Services, provided in State Healthcare Establishment Regional Clinical Hospital, Department № 5:

• Improvement of physical and psychic health of HIV-positive patients of Department № 5. High-qualified counseling by psychologist to accept diagnosis, living with HIV; counseling PLHIV by infectionist of the AIDS Center in the Department; organization of peer support group, peer counseling, rendering service by peer counselor, clients following up, solving health problems by specialists, solving psychological problems, rendering complex assistance by different specialists, palliative care for PLHIV in hospital, if required at home by visiting nurses of the Red Cross.

You can register for Social Bureau specialists’ schedule by the phone of the Hot Line 43-67-57, or visiting at working hours:
SB «Navigator»:

• Monday-Friday - 9:00 - 18:00

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