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«Hot line on HIV issues »
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Patient's School

Everyone, who is facing the problem of HIV, and is in need of HAART, is welcome to take part in the counseling course. After competing it, you will be able to monitor the course of treatment and manage your life quality.
Our specialists will help you overcome stress when you are first informed of HIV diagnosis. They will tell you about the modes of HIV transmission, ways of HIV prevention, refer and accompany you to the health care center, social and other institutions. Patient’s School specialists can refer you to make a free appointment with trusted doctors\M.D.

Careful, regardful, and well-qualified specialists are willing to counsel you.
• Lawyer provides legal advice.
• Psychologist gives counseling on crisis situations.
• Peer counselor shares experience of living with HIV.
• Visiting Nurse conducts home- and hospital-based care.
• Social worker helps arrange paperwork, get registered for social benefits, and counsel on employment issues. 

Patient’s School Trusted doctors are at your service:

• Infectious diseases doctor
• TB doctor
• Gynecologist

• Substance abuse professional

This manual informs about methods to develop information materials and to increase the quality of them.

December 1 - World AIDS Day

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