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First Aid. Main Principles of Home-based and Hospital-based Care

Implementation period: 1997 November-present

Head of the project (contact information)
Dvorak Ekaterina

Tel. +7 (3952)38-25-57

Target group
General population of the Irkutsk region

Project purpose
Educate the general population on techniques of first aid as well as home-based and hospital-based care.

Objectives of the Project

  1. Provide opportunities for everybody to acquire knowledge, skills and ability for delivery of First Aid.
  2. Provide opportunities for everybody to acquire knowledge, skills and ability for both home-based and hospital-based care.

Main achievements
A total of 2243 people (social workers, schoolchildren, students, employees of different organizations of the region) have been trained within the framework of the program “First Aid” and “Main Principles of Home Based Care” since 2001. 

• The acquired First Aid knowledge will help you feel confident in difficult life situations.
• First Aid skills are easy and accessible to everyone. Having got them, you become an essential part of acute care chain. 

• A completely different training approach. The program is adapted to any category of participants.

• First Aid skills are concurrent with the modern health care requirements. The program is approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health.

• If you know First Aid, you will be able to save lives, as well as help yourself and your family.

• "First Aid" Training Course can be delivered in your office for groups of 12-16 participants.

 The length of the training course is 16 hours.
 The participant’s fee is 1,000 rur.
 The exclusive "First Aid" handbook is included.
 You are guaranteed a European standard certificate at the end of the training course.

"First Aid" Training Course will help you act in most of emergencies, alleviating pains and sufferings, decreasing conseqences of injuries, and saving lives.

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