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In the entire world the Red Cross as the emblem symbolizes humanity aimed at providing support to people who suffered in war campaigns or in peace time - during emergency situations induced by man or nature. This emblem is a vivid and widely acknowledged symbol, with which provision of protection, help, expressing humane attitude towards people who suffered in various situations.

To pay respect to the country which historically has been neutral towards countries waging wars and which became the place for the first Geneva International Conference to be held in 1863, it was decided to adopt the national flag of Switzerland as the emblem of the movement - only with conversion of the federal colors, i.e. the emblem represented red cross on white background. Since then under this emblem thousands of people were providing help to hundreds of thousands of people in need.
Ironically, but it is this deep respect for the emblem that often leads to unintentional incorrect usage of it, which may lead to damage and loss of trust towards the already existing idea, may lead to mixture with serious consequences.

Each state-participant of the Geneva conventions must take measures aimed at prevention and punishment for misuse of the emblem.

Who has the permit for using the emblem in its activities?

National societies of the Red Cross; mobile and stationary points providing help, on the condition that transportation and treatment are provided solely on free of charge basis; military-medical units; military transport units providing medical support; Emergency Committee of Russia when conducting rescuing services.
The most frequently spread violations in using the emblem in peace time:

Imitation, i.e. use of the sign that in form or color can be associated with a red cross. Illegal usage of the emblem: by organizations or people who don’t have the right to use the emblem (commercial firms, drugstores, doctors in private practice, non-governmental organizations, private people).

To prevent imitation, unauthorized or perfidious usage of the emblem, the Red Cross provides conditions in which people in need will not be left to the mercy of fate; places where help is provided will be marked with unified and widely acknowledged symbol. Also, those who provide support will have the guarantee of safety and will be able to carry out their responsibilities.

Irkutsk Regional Branch of the RRC

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