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How to educate about health and the Red Cross. Guidelines to develop sanitary-educational materials (taking into account information materials developed by the Russian Red Cross RRC-against TB and AIDS)

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Date received: 2008-06-09


Code: 301

Year published: 2001

Author: S. Firtzev, T. Klenitskaya

Organization: RRC HQ

Carrier: Printed

The book substantiates the necessity to increase sanitary-educational activities; discusses the role and importance of these activities in the general context of anti-tuberculosis activities. The book contains information about main stages of the process of developing information materials for sanitary-educational purposes; there is detailed information on peculiarities of using information in the sphere; there are also main normative regulations on the publishing activities; there are also practical recommendations.

Functions, peculiarities, algorithm of the campaign in Mass Media. Surveys. Design of the campaign. Strategy of the campaign in Mass Media....

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